Cancer Precision Medicine

Platform 1: Camelid sdAb:

Camelid single domain antibodies (sdAb) are the smallest naturally derived, single-domain, antigen-binding fragments. sdAb are obtained from a specific heavy-chain antibody (HcAb).


Camelid sdAb have many advantages over other commonly used vectors in radiopharmaceuticals both for diagnosis and treatment.




Platform 2: Theranostics: The use of highly selective theranostic coupled camelid sdAb for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

The diagnostic camelid antibodies are radiolabeled with positron or gamma emitting radioisotopes and intravenously administered for whole-body imaging by SPECT or PET. The scan provides information on both primary and metastatic tumors, facilitating patient selection and drug response evaluation for cancer precision medicine. Diagnostic radioisotopes can be replaced with therapeutic radioisotopes suitable for molecular targeted radiation therapy, with the potential to provide novel treatment options for currently untreatable patients.